If I had a Choice

Being a mother is one of the hardest things in the world, it’s a job she doesn’t have an option to quit. Having a child and becoming a parent is a life changing event for everybody. Women should have the option to choose their own 'right time' to become a mother. If a girl gets pregnant at the wrong time, it can cause her life to take a dramatic turn in an unwanted direction. Not every pregnant woman is ready to be a mother, not every new mother is happy to be a mother. Women should have the right to choose to end their pregnancy.

This set of work is a limited edition of three. 

Poem by Emma Banks


the sea calls to me

and maybe it calls to me because I am of Ireland

the people of my country are water people

quite often we are gifted eyes the colour of the ocean

we are part of the life giving liquid that surrounds us

but our water runs red with the blood of Irish women

and are putrid with the stink of Catholic shame

what was it they taught us?

oh yeah… in the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit

but don’t forget about Amy, Jenny, Sarah, Aisling, Aoife, Lauren, Alex, Jade, Faye, Ciara, Ailish and Sinéad

twelve women


twelve today

twelve tomorrow

twelve yesterday

the 8th amendment is for a few not yet conscious cells

to protect

and what does the living breathing mother get?


the sea calls to me, and to every Irish woman because we have all been failed

our shame does not cross the sea

our shame does not sit with women at all

our shame sits in the dáil

If I had a choice is created for the repeal the 8th amendment and it was selected and exhibited in April 2018 at the Complex, Dublin.

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